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3 crore Muslims and 4 crore Dalits missing from voter lists

Khalid Saifullah, the founder of the Missing Voter App and CEO of the Hyderabad based RayLabs undertook a study and found that 15 per cent of all voters and 25 per cent Muslims are not present on the electoral list. Therefore approximately 12.7 crores of all voters and three crore Muslims will not be able […]

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Uttarakhand News

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Photo of the damaged banks from Uttarakhand floods

Uttarakhand floods: Survivor lists from Chamoli, Dehradun, DMMC and Uttarkashi.

This table combines lists of people rescued in Uttarakhand floods issued by District Administrations of Chamoli, Dehradun, DMMC and Uttarkashi. These lists have been translated from scanned pdf files by various volunteers whose names will be updated shortly. Source domains: chamoli,nic.in dehradun.nic.in dmmc.uk.gov.in uttarkashi.nic.in [table id=18 /] List of files included: http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/Disater_2013_casualties_20_june.PDF http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/rescued/1.PDF http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/rescued/22_2206201315123500.pdf http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/rescued/aapda25.PDF […]

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Houses buried in 10-12 feet of mud at Srinagar after the Uttarakhand flood

Apocalypse by the Srinagar Hydro Electric Project

Translated from Sitaram Bahuguna’s report  from Srinagar, Uttarakhand on the Uttarakhand flood in Hindi. [slideshow] The apocalyptic flood in the Alaknanda showed its destructive dance in Srinagar (Uttarakhand). A large part of the town is completely damaged. The flood has ruined the SSB Academy area and ITI area. About a hundred families living in some […]

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List of survivors in Uttarakhand floods – 3

Uttarakhand survivor list And now the third list. Apologies for the multiple lists. The pages are getting too heavy. If you are searching for someone, be sure to search in all three. [table id=17 /]

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