The Sanskriti of Sanskrit, the language of Brahmins

Rigveda in Sanskrit on paper

The attempt to enslave India under Hindu elite castes continues. This time it is by shoving Sanskrit down the throats of upcoming generations so that those who know “most” about it (read priests) will once more be the final word on knowledge.

The myth being sold is that Sanskrit was the language of India and Muslim invaders wiped it out. I suppose the RSS has never heard of Sant Dnyaneshwar who wrote the Dnyaneshwari so that people could have access to the knowledge of the Bhagwad Gita in THEIR LANGUAGE which was Prakrit. Sanskrit was FORBIDDEN to them.

This is before the Muslim invasions, incidentally.

Sanskrit has been the barrier that firewalled the unwashed masses from power and knowledge recorded in it by the simple virtue of being forbidden to the masses. Its exclusiveness became its limitation.

Today there is hardly anyone other than priests who bothers with Sanskrit and the language continues to be the language of rituals conducted for the masses by the brahmans.

Now, as language is accessible to all, and the priests are left hoarding a coma while both power and knowledge proliferate in languages accessible to more people, the priests see this mythical Hindu Rashtra as an opportunity to reestablish the eroding supremacy. When the language they hoarded is no longer useful to the masses and on the verge of extinction, they impose it on the masses as their true language. Dnyaneshwar is laughing in his samadhi here.

First the upper classes used Sanskrit to hoard power, now use to regain power. Indian history is peppered with the persecution of great people for touching that holy cow Sanskrit without the “gate pass” of the Brahmin caste. When Brahmins held power, Sanskrit was hoarded and denied to the masses. The Brahmins teaching Sanskrit in the Pune Hindu college threatened to resign rather than teach Sanskrit to non-Brahmins. Now that Sanskrit is left hollow and of little practical use, its utility must be revived if the Brahmin is to be restored to supremacy. Those forbidden to use it will now be the slave labour engaged to revive it. Far from refusing it to non-Brahmins, it will now be repackaged as the true heritage of those it was denied to.

In my view, imposing an alien language on the people is a sign of colonization. Sanskrit is no longer forbidden to non-Brahmins. However, it also is no longer of interest to enough people for the removal of the ban to mean anything. Without popular adoption, Sanskrit will remain the language of mumbo jumbo rituals and the Brahmins who claim the knowledge of it will be left with a white elephant. So now the supremacists want to impose Sanskrit to restore wealth to their intellectual hoard, while people are led to believe that secrets of modern knowledge are hidden in the vedas. The masses that the language of snobs suppressed by denying Sanskrit will be the slave labour to restore it to its supremacist glory. Free! Free! Free!

The RSS are trying to invade India with a cold war on the majority of Indians who were never native adopters of Sanskrit. Nor were their ancestors. A history is being invented so that a country may be appropriated by citing it.

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9 thoughts on “The Sanskriti of Sanskrit, the language of Brahmins”

  1. The whole man kind will try to explore the knowledge written in ancient vedic science and when
    which will not be available to us. The next two decades will witness the transmission of knowledge through brain cells like shaktipat in the new version of genetic engineering and computers. The invention will be based on our occult sciences our surya siddhanta but Indians will purchase these gadgets from US. The scientist will develop the super method of brain formatting. Let us ,. till then discuss ,fight . amen..

  2. well sanskrit is our language and we should be proud of it. Not only sanksrit but telugu, tamil, marathi, gujrati and other languages. we should stop this. sanskrit is brahmin language etc etc crap circulated mostly by dravidian politicians for political gains like the junk aryan invasion theory. Hatred for any language on any basis is absolutely insane.

  3. Sanskrit was never a languages ment for Brahmins. It was spoken language till early centuries after BC. Its only when native languages like pali etc came it was more of official language.

    1. Prakrit was spoken by the masses. You can see this even in Bhasha’s plays.where women except the courtesan or non-Brahmins did not speak Sanskrit. They could not be shown to speak Sanskrit because it was forbidden for them to learn. You can read Vasantsena as an example of it.

  4. A few unanswered questions :

    1) Where do Zohr and Zoish Irani, children of our honourable HRD minister study ? Have they enrolled for Sanskrit language classes given her strong endorsement of Sanksrit ?

    2) Why doesn’t RSS have a Sanskrit version of its website ? I was unable to even find a Hindi version of the RSS website. Perhaps someone can send me a link of their Hindi version website.

    3) Why is the RSS dress-code shirts and half-pants (European), and not something Indian / Hindu traditional (kurtas, dhotis etc) ?

    4) RSS, VHP and similar organisations publish books, magazines and print materials in various Indian languages – but not in Sanskrit. If they are serious about Sanskrit they should start publishing in Sanksrit too !!

    1. RSS was established on the lines of German’s NAZI .. RSS is nothing but Copy paste of NAZI.. In short RSS is the Indian version of NAZI .. Both German’s NAZI and RSS think Aryans are Superior Race… In Germany NAZI were working to establish Aryan supremacy.. In India RSS are working to establish Aryan (Brahman = Pure bred Aryan) supremacy .. If RSS was created out of ancient, Vedic Hindu values.. They would certainly wear Dhotis and Kharau (wooden chappals) .. But they wear Half-pant and Half-shirt exactly similar to what NAZIs wore .. NAZIs were trained in arm handling .. RSS members are trained in arm handling .. NAZIs destroyed Germany hoping to establish Aryan supremacy .. RSS is destroying India hoping to establish Hindu (Aryan/ Brahman) supremacy ..

  5. A window in to the warped mind of the left. Mind numbingly idiotic argument, laughable hysteria, baseless propaganda and historical ignorance all rolled into one. This piece is the ‘intellectual’ equivalent of the circus freak show. You guys should charge money to let people read it.

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