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Spent time on twitter after many days and it seems to be the day for absurd BJP quotes. Here are some of the ones that stay in mind.

The day after we hear that Chinese civilian nomads have pitched tents in Ladakh for over a week and are preventing work on an irrigation canal (in our territory) with the winter coming up we hear that the Modi (so vocal about criticizing lack of strong UPA2 responses to border violations) tweet “If I have to describe potential of India-China ties I will say — INCH (India & China) towards MILES (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)!”

Uma Bharati, charged with the development of the Ganga blames the Uttarakhand floods of last year on atheists crapping near the shrines. I suppose developing the Ganga can safely ignore mining by cronies now.

In other news, woman BJP MP from Matura Vrindavan, Hema Malini says the widows of Vrindavan have bank balances and good income but are used to begging. This is right after she found their living conditions appalling. The whole controversy is surreal. Hema Malini apparently doesn’t have an issue with widows being abandoned as long as other states provide facilities where women can be abandoned instead of sending to her constituency. The Congress retort sees this as divisive without apparently seeing any problem with the practice of abandoning widows either. One of the shining gems of Indian politics, complete uselessness of Indian women politicians on women’s issues and overall absurdity.

In still other news, Nalin Koli seems to attribute the by election performance of BJP on voter fatigue – he probably does not realize that he is saying people got tired of choosing BJP – so soon after choosing them.

On the other hand, Yogi Adityanath of the “love jihad” fame has this to say about BJP’s miserable by poll result in UP “I was not allowed to campaign everywhere.”

And of course there is a whole avalanche of bhakt and rent-a-troll tweets saying the exact opposite things about the by poll results that they would have said if the result were different.

All in all, a most entertaining day.

Dang. Son woke. Publishing this anyway. Add your favorite quotes in the comments and if they are recent, I’ll add them to the post when I return.

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2 thoughts on “BJP superhit quotes”

  1. Now that the BJP is wandering into the realm of mediocrity, the campaign slogan for the next elections should be :

    Ab ki baar, Modiocre sarkaar !!

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