Election Commission Corruption BJP Conspiracy, blackout Kejriwal campaign

Press release by Ravinder Singh of the “Sabka Bharat Party” raises some pretty strong points. I am willing to publish any rebuttals made as well.

1.  It is Corrupt Election Commission didn’t Record Expenses Narendra Modi Election Campaign for Poll Related Expenditure which cost up to Rs.50 crores to Rs.100 crore per rally mobilizing up to a million crowd including cost of live broadcast.

2.  Election Commission didn’t STOP Poll Surveys as Just Modi was projected as Prime Minister candidate – WITHOUT ANY POLITICAL MANIFESTO – Election Commission Ought to have Procured ‘Election Manifestos At Least Six Months in Advance’ so that Electors are fully introduced to Policies of Parties Before Casting Their Votes.

3.  There is No Media Coverage of Arvind Kejriwal Rally on any TV channel when Election Commission should be ensuring ‘Equal Opportunity to All Candidates.’

4.  But it is ‘Gross Misconduct of EC to restrict a Party President with over 10 million followers to just three Cars on National Highways and that too without security cover.’ Obviously distinction had to be made between National President’s rally & campaign and Candidates in their own Constituencies.

5.  Evidence of its Misconduct is Confirmed when Prakash Javdekar provoked BJP Cadre by Blaming Arvind Kejriwal for Lame Duck Sardar Sarovar Project.


7. Election Commission was Expected to Constitute in Advance a Supreme Court Judges Led Pannels to Monitor Lies of Parties & Ensure HONEST CONDUCT OF POLITICAL PARTIES.

It was Murder of Democracy in Gandhi’s own state as Narendra Modi lies were getting Exposed one by one his rally was shown black flags and attacked by goons and detained by police. This is based on TV coverage of many channels.

Obviously BJP didn’t want PRESS & MEDIA to cover the REAL DIRTY & FILTHY side of Gujarat kept hidden from public view.

Gujarat hospitals were in filthy conditions, General Hospital which is admit Emergency & Accident cases was without Orthopedic Surgeon, there no medicines, water supply in the hospital was stinking, toilets in bad conditions etc.

Arvind Kejriwal also exposed Health Centers Without Roof Not Working since built over 10 years ago and no Toilet in Schools when Schools ought to have Separate Toilets for Girls and Boys.

A Large Pond even after record rainfall season has little water may dry up in 15 days Three Months Before Monsoon.

Arvind Kejriwal was exposing lies of progress in Gujarat.

Prakash Javdekar provoked BJP workers against Arvind Kejriwal and BLAMED AAP for Stopping Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Obviosly Gujarat Was Not Serious in Building Sarsar Sarovar Dam – There was Rampant Loot in Hugely Overdesigned Narmada Canal Projects and additional Sufalam Sujalam Projects – Loot of over Rs.50,000 crores – 2013-14 Budget on Irrigation & Water Projects is Rs.12,000 crores.

Praash Javdekar didn’t explain Hydro Power was Sabotaged Hydro Power all over India including Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Prakash Javdekar also didn’t explain how Adani Power Projects in much more ECO SENSITVE Zones came up without any clearances in 3-4 years.

Ravinder Singh,
Convener, Mentor & CEO
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435
Progressindia008@yahoo.com ,

Reference article mentioned in post

AAP against Narmada dam: Javadekar

TOI March06, 2014
Page Dance of Democracy

Gandhinagar: Prakash Javadekar, a national spokesperson of the BJP, has said that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is against the Narmada project and has no right to speak on the problems of Gujarat’s people.

“Anti-dam activist Medha Patkar is an official Lok Sabha candidate of the AAP,” Javadekar said. “Patkar has filled a petition against the Narmada dam in the Supreme Court. If the AAP is really serious about the problems of Gujarat’s people why is it not asking Patkar to withdraw her petition?” TNN

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5 thoughts on “Election Commission Corruption BJP Conspiracy, blackout Kejriwal campaign”

  1. Act ” Non – Violent ”

    All political parties preach ” Non Violence ”

    But , time and again , end up acting violent !

    Mental violence of gallis and abusive language for their opponents

    Sometimes even physical

    People of Delhi voted for AAP because AAP looked different

    It promised to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi and refrain from abusive language

    But two days back , AAP workers turned to violence in front of BJP office

    It is unimportant to establish who threw the first stone

    If they really believed in non violence , why could not AAP workers tie a piece of cloth around their mouths , walk down quietly to BJP’s office – then sit down on the opposite footpath ? And welcome BJP’s stones and lathis ?

    Even sing ,

    ” Subko Sanmati de Bhagwaan ” ! BJP ko Sanmati de Bhagwan !

    That would have won them the hearts of 814 million voters in April !

    That is what Bapu would have done – as he did in Dandi March

    Even though the British Rulers considered Bapu as the Enemy # 1 of the Empire , he never considered them as his enemies !

    That is why , even after he publicly burned heaps of clothes made in the mills of Birmingham and asked Indians to boycott all clothes imported from Britain , he was warmly welcomed by the families of those very British workers who got thrown out of jobs due to Bapu’s boycott !

    Bapu believed in the ” purity of the means ”

    For him , the ” Means are as important as the Ends ”

    Unless AAP workers heed what Arvind is saying – and practice it too – , they will lose all sympathy from the general public , who will feel ” deceived and cheated ” !

    That will be the end of the last ray of hope – the AAP


    History will not judge you by your oratory

    Only by your Non-Violence

    Non Violence of Thought

    Of Speech

    Of Action

    * hemen parekh ( 07 March 2014 / Mumbai )

  2. Improvement in governance shall remain a dream for India till the democratic, transparent and fair selection and appointment of public servants as Governors; Vice Chancellors; Judges at HCs & SC; Board of Directors of Public and Private Sector Listed Companies including Banks; Heads of IIMs & IITs; DGPs; Police Commissioners; Secretaries to the Governments; District Collectors; Governor and Deputy Governors RBI; Key Persons at BSE, NSE, SEBI, IRDA; Heads of National Commissions; Key Officers at CVC, CEC, CIC, CBI; Heads of Countless Tribunals and even Officers at CMOs & PMO as also at President of India Secretariat and Parliament Secretariat….. India can learn from Selection & Confirmation System followed by Mature Democracy USA. (2) Beyond selection and appointment, transfers and postings also have to be done in democratic and transparent manner using objective policies. (3) We the People need to work hard to achieve this extremely difficult, but not impossible, national goal.

  3. Rebuttal

    1) What is Sabka Bharat Party – is it registered one ?

    2) Points 1,2 display the “patented” ignorance of Rep. of People”s Act and what EC’s mandate is

    3) AAP is a not a national party – Kejrwal is not a CM or other functionary, so ECI (correctly) played it by Rules.

    4) That Ravinder Singh – self styled internet impressario for Congress is so busy supporting AAP/Kejriwal in rest of his rambles – shows who is a sock-puppet for a sock-puppet.

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