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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

All content on is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and is free to reuse as long as correct attribution (including live link to source for online publication) is used and derivatives can be reused as well.

This attribution must include name of author (usually “Vidyut”, but there are some guest posts) and a live link to the source of the content.

Something like “Author: Vidyut || Originally published on Aam Janata blog as Reusing content” or “This work is based on Vidyut’s article on Reusing content” should be fine.

The work may be reused commercially without further permissions, though a donation to the blog from profitable reuse would be welcome (not required).

Remixing: The content on this blog can also be “remixed” in the sense of an article edited to add something new, or edited shorter, or several articles combined into a book, and so on. If the method is a compilation, attribution should be the same as republishing. It it is edited to create a new work, “adapted from” would be appropriate. Derivatives must be shared under a free licence too.

There are no limitations on reusing content. You may duplicate the whole blog if you want, including auto-publishing the feed. You may also compile your favorite articles or subjects into an ebook to share or sell. Last year someone had chosen articles to make adult literacy booklets. The only expectation is that you do the courtesy of attributing. It would be nice if you share how you used it if it is reused in a new work, but not required.

If there is anything I missed, feel free to ask in comments. As a thumb rule, I want people to access the content on this blog without restrictions. I want it to trigger more works that spread more ideas. If what you want sounds compatible, it probably is fine.

Comments are moderated, so if you would like your comment to not be published on the blog, just mention it in the comment, and it won’t be.

Update: Thank you for the suggestions on asking for payment for commercial reuse. I most certainly would like to get more payment, but there are some good reasons to not use a Non-Commercial licence which convinced me.

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