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AAP Member Milan Gupta’s complaint to Election Commission regarding National Council meet

Milan Gupta’s formal complaint to the Election Commission against Aam Aadmi Party establishes that the 28th march NC meeting was unconstitutional and asks EC to demand unedited footage from all cameras.

Designer revokes copyright on Aam Aadmi Party logo and resigns

Sunil Kumar Lal, of Lucknow, who has designed the Aam Aadmi Party logo claims that he has never transferred the copyright to the party and disillusioned with the developments within the party, has resigned from his membership as well as…

AAP Wazirpur MLA office sent buses to ferry volunteers to National Council meeting

Aam Aadmi Party ferried volunteers by buses to the National Council meeting. These would be the volunteers used for heckling Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Prof. Anand Kumar and others. [tweetthis]audio: AAP volunteer calls up helpline to ask about buses to…

Calling Campaign for AAP NC Meeting

the following is a mail sent by an AAP Volunteer, whose name is deliberately undisclosed. Hello All, AAP Volunteers are running a national calling campaign and talking to NC members. WHY? (1) We decided not to rely on news and…

AAP National Council Members List released by @gupta_milan

AAP volunteer Milan Gupta has filed an RTI with the Election Commission and obtained the National Council Members list that Aam Aadmi Party should have published on their website and has not. Milan Gupta has made the list public.