AAP Wazirpur MLA office sent buses to ferry volunteers to National Council meeting

Audio of phone call made to phone number provided to volunteers to go to NC meeting

Aam Aadmi Party ferried volunteers by buses to the National Council meeting. These would be the volunteers used for heckling Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Prof. Anand Kumar and others.

[tweetthis]audio: AAP volunteer calls up helpline to ask about buses to ferry volunteers to NC meet[/tweetthis]

Message from volunteer who conducted the sting.

Yesterday I was tipped off by someone that AAP central team was sending “Observers” to MLA offices to talk to volunteers. The real reason was to ORDER MLAs to ensure they all got 1 bus full of people to the NC meeting with AK supportive banners etc.

Today, I was given a message with the HELPLINE number which turned out to be the Wazirpur MLA office number. Listen to the call and make your own conclusions.

So, while I don’t support either of the crazed camps in this suicidal game being played with the HOPE of millions of Indians and lakhs of AAP volunteers I am also not happy that now AAP leaders are resorting to UNDERHAND tactics and using the same old methods of the very politics we came to change.

This is my intention behind doing this recording.

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  1. After reading the whole article a ques rises , there was a whole media contingent at the NC meet venue, but surprised that none of them caught the buses at the venue on their camera ? Where did the buses go ?

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