Survey of personal projects needing specialized equipment

Hi friends, this is an informal survey that seeks to know:

  1. Whether you take up projects out of interest or hobby or to seek knowledge.
  2. Whether these projects require specific instruments that you acquire (or borrow or make – purchase and price not relevant). Name these instruments (with maybe some explanation if it is something obscure or un-Googleabe)?
  3. What is the nature of the projects.
  4. What is your educational background (no matter how impressive or not or irrelevant to project)?

Please reply in as much detail as you like in the comments. Feel free to mention multiple projects/experiments and their relevant instruments.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Survey of personal projects needing specialized equipment”

  1. 1. Electronics projects: To build circuits and test them many instruments are required, such as: multimeter, breadboards, PCBs, soldering rods and flux, soldering wax, wires, connectors, electronic components, test-beds, LEDs, displays, oscilloscope for waveform testing, etc.

    2. Craft/Art projects: Creative projects work with a number of materials, so many tools are needed.
    a) Sculpture: clay, scalpels, gloves, armatures, kilns (for ceramic firing), stone grinder, chisels, hammer, polishing paper, glass diamond-tip cutters, air-blower for drying.

    b) Painting:canvases, paints, stretchers (for canvas), brushes, mediums (linseed oil, turpentine), varnish

    c) Craft: Scissors, cutters, glue, paper, etc

    d) Drawing: pencils, clamps, erasers, sharpners, knife, fixer sprays.

    3. Chemical Experiment Projects: For chemical projects: litmus paper, sulpuric acid, pipette, test tubes, distillator, bunsen burners, weighing scale etc

    4. Carpentry projects: drill, bits, measuring tapes, levelers, polish, hammer, cutter, saw, chisel, screw-driver, fevicol.

  2. HAM Radio – Multiplier, Oscilloscope, Drill with bits, Screw driver set, Hammer, Rench. It is to rig up a radio and put up an antenna

    Simple Thermocouple – Drilling, Copper wire, Propane burner, Hammer

    Mechanical Engineer in an Electronic age

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