Women on the board

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3 thoughts on “Women on the board”

  1. This is a problem across most of the world, but I must say I am in two minds about it. I don’t believe in “affirmative action”, giving women roles simply because they are women.  I do believe in the right person getting the job, but if the criteria of choosing the right person has inherent bias that excludes women then getting to the root of the problem can be very challenging. 

    One thing seen in the West is that many women either don’t progress high in corporates, or self-select out of that world into other ventures because the environment doesn’t suit them or their life choices.  This is a very big issue about culture and corporate structure for which I have no answers, just lots more questions. 

  2. I am not surprised at Facebook’s board structure. In the computer science department of IIT Bombay, our batch of 60 had 2 girls. Our junior batch of 65 had ZERO girls. The sex ratios in computer science and electrical departments in Ivy league US universities are similar (if not as pathetic as IITs) 

    Most of these companies hire people (at least in the beginning phases) through personal contacts and friends from college where again, the number of women in computer science is pathetic. The culture here is usually all male and (sometimes) boorish which puts off a lot of girls and it is a cycle that starts right at college admissions.  

    If people are interested in having more women on board in software companies, then the first thing that needs to be done is to encourage more girls to take up computer science in college. That would naturally sensitize people right from their college days. 

  3. why we women have an attitude that “i have got vagina, i will held all men responsible for every problem i have, because i am the only perfect one”.
    As in the manhole 50% of shit is of ours – the females – too, but never ever in my whole life i have ever seen any women cleaning the street manhole. This is a serious issue let me blog and tweet about it because if 50 % of the shit is ours lying in the manholes , then women including vidyut should be appointed to clean it.
    And why to call it manhole at first- this is sexist- it should have been called WOMANHOLE , it would have been better
    Coming back to main issue Vidyut, there are lots of problems being felt by women, vidyut; and this is definitely not even remotely an issue. And almost in all of the post you have the same theme , “ALL men are bunch of hoots, suppressing women and are responsible for EVERY single problem of women”. Take courage and try to take responsibility of faults/lack of initiatives wherever its ours. Nobody has stopped you or anybody to launch facewomen.com really.

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