The violence of the mind – BJP, violence and lies

Nalin Kohli with an iron rod during AAP's supposed attack

Where there is bjp and violence, there must be lies and complete lack of remorse. Ever since the elections have been declared, it is as though there is a frenzy of hate.

There seems to be a sustained campaign by the bjp about its “innocence”. If nothing, it is well practiced, considering how often they trot it out.

While Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party leaders called for calm, apologized and said they wanted cases against AAP workers who indulged in violence as well, the bjp appears to be busy with the usual. Claiming to be the victim, no matter what, complete lack of any awareness that it may perhaps not be an appropriate thing to beat up people with lathis.

To go by the statements of leaders alone, one would imagine that Aam Aadmi Party assaulted the bjp office and bjp defended itself. Yet the footage tells a different story. Regardless of how the fight started, there was one side armed. The question here is if it is normal practice for bjp to stock lathis in its offices? A lathi may be legal, but it is most certainly a weapon, and a weapon that bjp appears to have no hesitation using. And the question our media seems to be shying from asking is how armed workers exit an office. A lathi is most certainly not office equipment.

To me, this indicates a plan for violence, and it is scary that neither the police nor political opponents will comment on it. The violence may not have been planned for yesterday, but the preparations were there.

Not to mention that bjp has been involved in violence of different kinds over the last day.

The clashes with AAP, okay, they claim AAP started them. While bjp continues to excuse its own violence as long as there is an excuse, its workers will seek excuses to be violent. Can we take BJP’s word for it?

Aam Aadmi Party workers were threatened by thugs who claimed to support Modi who took off their caps, and threatened them with harm unless they voted for Modi. This is Gurgaon. Arvind Keriwal’s convoy got attacked. But this is still rotating around AAP.

Equally sad is bjp demanding action against 67 Kashmiri students for “anti-national” behavior. Their crime? A claim that they raised slogans in support of Pakistan after Pakistan defeated India in a cricket match. Not to mention that such claims by bjp affiliated organizations are always suspect, the real question is why were 67 students from Kashmir suspended? Their crime was in refusing to give the name of one person who allegedly did some damage to property. So here we have an educational institution with utter inability to distinguish between a sport and actual harm to the country.

bjp leaps into the fray demanding action against students from a place suffering decades of turmoil who traveled outside their state to educate themselves and have got their educational prospects wrecked through an over reaction to a cricket match. Of course, this patriotism was missing when Bajrang Dal hoisted Pakistan’s flag to frame Muslims as anti-national. Who are we fooling here? And this is the party that wants to rule the country. A party that has absolutely no problem with astounding discrimination of suspending students from an Indian state for refusing to be informers against the few who may have done something objectionable beyond cheering a country BJP hates.

An interesting question is who is the sole Kashmiri student who did not get suspended, and why.

This is violence against student rights. In my view, far worse than injuries you recover from in a day or two. The party that never came to a clear majority in this country goes on verbal assaults on anyone it dislikes, arbitrarily defining national interest in a manner that suits a narrow minded hate agenda. And a spineless government bloated on its own privilege and with little concern for national interest allows this rampage over the rights of Indians to yell “Pakistan Zindabad” if they want. I can’t imagine it is any more or less anti-national than BJP’s worship of the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi or open rejection of secularism that is enshrined in our constitution.

Moving on.

Siddharth Varadarajan is a critic of Modi and wrote a book about the Gujarat riots. His wife is fighting against state brutality in Chattisgarh. Their caretaker got assaulted by thugs who left a message for him, telling him to be careful of what he said on television appearances.

But still BJP will probably find ways to “excuse” that.

So how are they planning to excuse the clashes between Modi supporters and Manohar Joshi supporters clashing in Varanasi? Is it AAP or the Naxals spreading stories, or Kashmiri kids infiltrating BJP, or what?

How gullible does the BJP think the country is? India is a diverse country with diverse views and diverse relationships with the state, including parts that want freedom and parts that have declared themselves free and countless movements against the state. ALL of them are Indians and BJP has no right to dictate to the whole country who is a legitimate Indian and label those they dislike as anti-national.

The only anti-national I see here is BJP. It has no respect for the rights of Indians over their own country. This is no different from the locality thug evicting you whether he has the right or not.

A third rate party with an over inflated sense of self importance.

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1 thought on “The violence of the mind – BJP, violence and lies”

  1. BJP knows that its divisive politics are becoming irrelevant with each passing day. It was mainly based on misinformation like the rumors that trains full of dead victims during partition lead to actual realization of that rumor. So it is using all its power, making all an every compromises including kissing the backsides of business houses fervently for money, and then like a third grade foreman trying to get its dignity back by suppressing common people.
    It because it knows it is on the brink of becoming irrelevant and this is their last chance to push the country in an abyss of violence, division and darkness.

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