Ved Pratap Vaidik, Vivekananda International Foundation, Modi sarkar connection

Note: This post was intended to be a part of another project that accidentally got published. There could be errors. Feel free to point out any problems in comments.

Mapping some connections mentioned in media at various times. Work in progress as new information comes in, or gets disproved.

Stars are people. Pink/white stars are public employees. Red circles are organizations. Green circles are foreign funding organizations.

It is very cluttered. Feel free to move nodes around. Refreshing page will change layout and sometimes is useful to get a less cluttered random layout. Clicking labels will highlight connections to it as well as display some information below the graph. Clicking the “x” next to labels will delete that node (useful for decluttering by taking out anything irrelevant). Reloading the page will serve a fresh random layout with deleted nodes restored. You can also scroll to zoom and drag around if need be.

No matter how you look at this, it is looking extremely unlikely that the member of a think tank chock full of armed forces and intel agency retirees goes abroad and meets anyone without colleagues knowing what he is up to. If the claims of Vaidik being a lone wildcard operator are true, there are worse worries about the quality of our security professionals than what he did.

If you like this map, do comment, I’m thinking of creating such interactive graphs for more subjects.

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