Urgent appeal for help for NGO working for daughters of sex workers

kranti NGO rehabilitates children of sex workers

Kranti is an organization in Mumbai working to rehabilitate girls between ages 13 and 19 from Kamathipura (Mumbai’s red light area) by providing them residential accommodation, therapy, sports travel …. and a reason to rise beyond their limits and change the world. Girls here are daughters of sex workers and victims of trafficking rising above circumstances and a crippling lack of education to learn to thrive, including education abroad.

And the girls of Kranti are Krantikaris – learning to drive social change.

Kranti has run into trouble with prejudice in the rented home they were using as accommodation for both staff and the girls and have been asked to vacate by people who’d rather not sully their eyes with children of “randis” (sex workers) as they are crudely insulted. Needless to say it is an ugly side of India that a person may be denied of opportunity to rise above circumstances merely because of these circumstances and then blamed for being who they are.

Yet these are some of the youngest voices speaking on crucial issues like child sex abuse, trafficking, sex worker rights and more from a depth of perspective many of us may never reach and no child should have achieved it in this manner either.

In their words:

We LIVE freely, we laugh loudly and we love unconditionally.

And they are being denied a roof on their heads by people who do not understand their struggle, because they have been lucky enough to never need to understand it.

What will be more tragic is if they don’t find helping hands in this moment of crisis. They have to vacate their current home before the 1st of May and have nowhere to go. They may have to shelter in slums where their identity may mean all kinds of stigma and risk for them, and I hope you agree that these girls with their history don’t need to be within easy reach of opportunists or worse.

They urgently need a three bedroom house to move into. If you know of a place that would suit them, reach out. Don’t let this spark die out in a world of uncaring people.




+91 97573 53449

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    1. Can anyone there who tell me how to submit this money every month to help the children of these sexworkers from my side,I will submit every month on the name of God whatever in my hand I will support .

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