Trying to find nuance in the Khirki Extension raid

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  1. “This mob then forces them to go to a hospital to be tested.”

    This is the point of contention. An Indian Express report from January 18, 2014 states this

    ***Doctors at AIIMS confirmed that the women were examined on the basis of “written applications from the police to test for psychotropic substances” and that urine samples had tested negative for such substance. The medico-legal examination of the four women, according to hospital records, was conducted on the basis of applications by a sub-inspector from Malviya Nagar police station** and registrations were done between 5.17 am and 5.20 am. AIIMS medical superintendent Dr D K Sharma said: “The urine sample was negative for drugs. Police personnel from Malviya Nagar station came to us with a written request to conduct medical examination to confirm consumption of psychotropic substances. Female doctors conducted the examination as per protocol in a private area. No invasive examination was conducted.”

    Since it was all according to protocol, I am not sure about mob justice which you allude to in the article.

  2. Although the concerns raised are very valid, but it is all a vicious circle. It has to be broken somewhere. Jobs need to be created with preferable opportunity to former prostitutes so that the loss of livelihood does not lead to a worse situation. As the real estate rates at the locality will go up if a prostitution racket is busted, perhaps some opportunities can be created using that. Another issue is harassment by corrupt police. It is no secret that it is not the prostitutes who benefit from it but the connected touts and local police.
    Changing this status quo may not exactly have a good resolution, but the situation may turn to bad from worse. That perhaps is something to start with.

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