Aam Aadmi Party version of Khirki Extension incident

Khirki Extension controversy

The Aam Aadmi Party supporters have released several videos related with Somnath Bharti’s raid on drug trafficking and prostitution in Khirki Extension. The videos make several points.

Nigerians and other Africans engage in anti-social and/or illegal behavior publicly that is creating public nuisance

Two videos uploaded by Ankit Lal show a black man running naked on the streets. The area appears to be Malaviya Nagar.

Another video uploaded by a resident of Khirki shows a late night brawl

What happened on the night of the alleged raid at Khirki Extension?

One video show Somnath Bharti’s interaction with police

Another video establishes that contrary to media reports, there was a lady constable present (all through is the claim)

Video showing condom and liquid spilled in private car

Trying to hide drugs

One girl caught

Police not catching victim

Racial discrimination by police

These videos have been ignored by media. In some, there appears to be some media related background noise, yet the media reports failed to show lady police presence.

So one has to wonder why the incident got reported in such a lop sided manner.

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5 thoughts on “Aam Aadmi Party version of Khirki Extension incident”

  1. Satyamev Jayate. I am sure a minister of AAP would not have taken a decision without evidence – as was also evident in full footage of fake sting in which Shazia also refused to help ‘a cause’ without any documentary proof.
    Mainstream media is becoming more subservient to financial hubs just like many other developed countries. This behaviour has caused the rise of social media. Eventually the ones to loose by lop-sided reporting will be the media houses as they will loose viewers. Karma, they say, catches up eventually.

  2. Good write. Just suggestions from my side.

    1. There is not need to mention ‘nigerians and other africans’ in the article. It makes the article sound kind-of racist. Fact is the pimps in the sex-racket are Indians. Also, surely Indians are involved in traficing drugs, some africans seem to be peddling them in Khirki.

    2. Do not call Africans as ‘blacks’. Africans do not like to be called that way.

    1. 99% of African people in khirki stay in rented accommodations. So why so much fuss? If residents are certain that they indulge in illegal activities, simply ask them to vacate.

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