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Aadhaar: The Promise and Reality of the Surveillance State

Aadhaar makes pretty promises, but the reality of the implementation is very different and dangerous to citizen rights as well as personal freedoms.

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UPA special: One tune in Supreme Court, another in Parliament

In June, the CIC, which ensures the RTI Act is implemented and public queries are answered by government departments, ruled that the six major national parties (NCP, Congress, BJP, CPI, BSP, CPI(M)) are public authorities under the Right to Information Act and as such must respond to RTI applications. The parties were directed to appoint PIOs and appellate authorities within six weeks as required to be compliant […]

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Politics & Political Commentary

Save India, save RTI #SaveRTI

India is rapidly becoming a country lost in depression. With over a hundred bills pending, the opposition staging walkouts like it was a fashion show ramp, precarious economy, the two things our politicians appear to be unanimous on are both against National Interest.   One is News of UPA trying for all-party consensus on law […]

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