Prashant Bhushan’s open letter to Arvind Kejriwal and media

By | April 4, 2015

5 thoughts on “Prashant Bhushan’s open letter to Arvind Kejriwal and media

  1. raman

    Deletion of Pharas does alter the tone and subject matter of the letter greatly.
    Should not have been done, it was unethical.

  2. raman

    One thing I completely agree with Bhushan is that History will not be kind to Kejriwal.

    Arvind Kejriwal
    – Breaks up the meeting of Lokpal as UPA said that the meeting will not be recorded.
    : Doesnt allow any recording inside the NC meet.

    – Campaigns for the rights of whistleblowers and asks for votes while recounting incidents of how the whistleblowers were killed or thrown out of jobs based on false accusations.
    : Accuses and throws out senior leaders … accusing them of whistle blowing!!!!

    – Comes on a TV and says that other parties are learning from him.
    : Learns quickly from other parties.

    – Promises Lokpal bill
    : Throws out the ombudsman from his own party.

    Prashant Bhushan
    – Brought a lot of corruption cases forward by filing PILs.
    – His petition made an ex-PM to appear before court for a corruption case.
    – Was unceremoniously made to exit AAP by Arvind Kejriwal.

    This is how it will go down in history.

  3. TP Radhakrishnan

    There is hardly any justification for editing and deleting important portions of the letter by Prashant Bhushan to Arvind Keriwal!

    1. TP Radhakrishnan

      How audacious are the ways of certain Media in suppressing and editing by deleting some important portions of the open letter of Prashant Bhushan to Arvind Kejriwal who happens to be the CM of Delhi now. There is absolutely no justification for deleting and omitting the said portions from his letter and it is done arbitrarily.


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