Police brutality at Hyderabad Central University
Women's rights

A Narration of Police Brutality at the University of Hyderabad

The following is a first person account by Md Hasanujjaman, M Phil in English, University of Hyderabad of the brutality unleashed by the police against the students and faculty of University of Hyderabad. I am one of the arrested students in connection with the protest against the VC of UoH. I belong to a minority community of West Bengal. My […]

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Dead end for Yakub Memon. Cartoon by @MANJULtoons
Economic inequality

After Yakub Memon’s execution. Now what?

So #Yakub Memon was finally hanged this morning. The #Supreme Court did a dramatic early morning hearing to hear the challenge to the President’s rejection of Yakub Memon’s mercy petition, and Yakub lost the case. Even if he had won it, it would have won him at best 14 more days to live. Perhaps some […]

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Prison bars

What if I stood before a court? Contemplating freedom.

Looking at the rain and smelling the scent of wet soil here. #Yakub Memon will probably be hanged tomorrow. Idle question comes up in my mind. What would I do if I were him? Too big a question. I know nothing about being him, his circumstances, motivations. What would I do if I were stood […]

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Yakub Memon

Yakub Memon death warrant – what else is going on in India’s underworld?

When the state takes extreme steps that make no sense, I get curious. #Yakub Memon‘s hanging being scheduled for the 30th of this month, while the key accused of the #Mumbai blasts are still at large is one such bizarre move. So I went around hunting for information on what else was going on. Here […]

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Politics & Political Commentary

Who profits from hanging Yakub Memon?

Yakub Memon is the brother of Tiger Memon and provided him and Dawood Ibrahim financial assistance in the planning of the Mumbai train blasts of 1993. After the blasts, Dawood Ibrahim and the Memon family escaped to Pakistan, where they lived under the protection of the ISI. To make a long story short, anecdotal accounts […]

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