11 Comments on "A Narration of Police Brutality #UoH"

  1. what India needs is a Swach Sarkar !!
    unfortunately no sarkar will cleanse itself !!!

  2. Joseph Pithekar | April 13, 2016 at 6:44 pm | Reply

    Has violence become a way for those in power or those in majority? It is far from Gandhi’s Ahinsa.
    It is unfortunate that the Police force is controlled by the ruling party. Police brutality is becoming rather common. Are they too tense or too insecure? Maybe both! The government must also look to the psychological health of the police force.

  3. It’s sad that this kind of police brutality and bullying of peaceful protesters by the ruling class still exists in the day of social media. The mainstream media will obviously not cover these things but social media can be used to raise awareness. As long as such unconstitutional practices continue by the police we are not living in a democracy but a fascist oligarchy. Use smart phones to make videos and upload them immediately to Facebook before the police can snatch the phones. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be used for something useful as well.


  4. What are you trying to prove by begining your post with ” I belong to a minority community” ?

    Were Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon martyrs ?

    Which Country provides you food, shelter and education ?

    • That’s what you got from this whole article?

      Are you implying that these guys deserved the beatings from the police?

      So you believe that it’s justified to use force and bullying by the ruling party, or in other words you believe in fascism?

      • Yes Aditya..How would your father have treated you if you cursed him, revolted and sang your neighbours/enemies praise when he was providing you all facilities…be it food, education, comfortable home etc..Would you call him a fascist too ?

  5. DHANWANTARI G. PANCHOLI | April 13, 2016 at 12:46 pm | Reply

    Since I totally agree with you it, is it enough to only cry what we socal intellectual are doing against these politicians bureaucrats and businessmen, godman who are looting this countr we Cry only when we are hurt. why not the intellectual people of this country may be Muslim maybe Hindu or any cast do not raise  against these rascals? only crying will not do. still I pray God he will help you by the divine powers your sincerely

  6. I am just stunned at the brutality we have been exhibiting. It is not a matter of truth and search of truth. But it is a matter of too much power.
    All norms of decency just disappear. It is desire that others submit totally. Where is the freedom of speech n action. Does every action lead to civil disorder? Probably yes in the minds of power hungry!

    Joseph M. Pithekar, S. J..
    jpithe@jesuits.net *Today and just for today I shall be satisfied with and be grateful to whatever happens.* Pasayadaan, Nala, P.O. Sopara, Nalasopara West, Palghar Dist 401 203.



  7. This has appeared somewhere? Do let me know.. Give me a context when, where etc

  8. I truly agree that police brutality and high handed news should stop immediately ,all citizens of our country should have excess to their rights and fairness

  9. Victimizing the victims..shame on police

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