The Failed State of #NewNewIndia

The Failed State of #NewNewIndia 2

Tuesday, Cabinet approved a budget of Rs 8754 crore for Census & updating #NationalPopulationRegister Objective of NPR, create comprehensive identity database of every usual resident in country.

As per official documents this will then be use to filter citizens and non-citizens, and is the first step in a nationwide NRC exercise.

Once this nonsensical exercise starts, we’re doomed as a nation. All that’ll happen for the next 10 years is scrutiny of citizenship!

Tax collection too low for citizens education, healthcare and welfare but we’ll be spending millions on tracking down non-citizens! Best part:

Govt officers will do no work except tracking and collecting these documents.

Politicians will talk of nothing else in their speeches.

At the end of it all those deemed non citizens will go all the way to the supreme court, choking the court system to a halt.

Millions will be spent on concentration camps. Millions of lives will be ruined. Many will even die.

In the end, not a single person will be deported. The country will be history, talk of growing economy a distant dream.

No country will accept deportees, so obviously we’ll run camps forever!

All of India will be a penal colony, and the best job in the land will be working at a detention center. Our scholars, scientists and intellectuals will stand in line to become prison guards! #NewNewIndia a soon to be reality?

PS: What party you support is immaterial. Just think of how the implementation of a nationwide NRC would play out. This isn’t meant for political debate and I’d be glad if this NRC isn’t carried out.

The thought exercise is still important!

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