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Biskit Baba - Rishte mein to hum tumhare AAP lagte hain
Politics & Political Commentary

Rishte mein to hum tumhare AAP lagte hain #cartoon #BiskitBaba

New Biskit Baba cartoon after the stunning victory of Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Assembly Elections. Image: Biskit Baba

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Modi on LoC conflicts and relations with Pakistan before and after
Politics & Political Commentary

The Best of U-Turn sarkar #49days special #updated

As the magic 49 number of days of Modi sarkar comes to a close, it has been a good journey. Looking back at some of the hilarious points of what is fast coming to be known as the U-Turn sarkar. Should India be entertaining Pakistani VIPs if there is conflict at the border? That is […]

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tricyce in the back of a traffic police pick up

Obituary: No one totalled my Aston Martin

Friends, family and dear beloved fans. It is a sad day for humanity. A very expensive dearly cherished vehicle is no more. We shall mourn its sad demise. I understand that the leading question in everyone’s mind is how. Well, a car like this has a mind of its own, and it used to like […]

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backlit silhouette of a monk praying
Religion and Phiosophy

The birth of a ritual

A parable about how rituals are born and what they become when they are done for any other reason than the result of the action being performed.

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Women's rights

Sati and the Yamraj

Like Krishna came to the rescue of Draupadi, Yamraj protects Sati victims. Beware! The master artist Stupidosaur exposes the hidden workings of divine justice. It is rumored that these apply for all murders. And thus, my friends, the practice of killing innocents may be injurious to your health. Gifted in the cause of Violence Against […]

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