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Developer Bhoomi Arcade filed an undertaking to make good any losses suffered by the home buyers due to extension of stay

Press Release The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has directed developer to give an undertaking that the firm will cover any losses suffered by five home buyers, who got refund orders for delayed possession last month, till the filing…

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Grape season in peril in Nashik due to demonetisation

End of January marks the grape harvest season around Nashik. After falling prices after demonetisation led farmers to slash down standing tomato crops last month to make way for emergency sowing of wheat to eat, hope had rested on the…

Ominous: Is the government planning to appropriate money of citizens?

There are multiple accounts of official spokespersons referring to the government using the money of citizens deposited into their bank accounts for development of infrastructure and other government spending. This is alarming. The money owned by individuals is not government property.

A reckless war on cash – the real goal of #DeMonetisation

It isn’t just in India, that people are being forced to put money into banks. Banks worldwide are in trouble. Banks worldwide are needing bailouts. Demonetisation of notes is being considered as well as put into action in country after…

5 ways Modi sarkar is targeting the poor for destruction #demonetisation

For all the pretty speeches and tears and drama and claims and assurances, the policies of the government have consistently put the poor at a disadvantage. The manner in which demonetisation was done The “sudden” announcement of the demonetisation, which…