Never say die!!!

silhouette of a solo climber free climbing an overhang

Often, the human being gives up easy. Perseverance is the key to achieving personal development. There is something about tenacity. About that determined effort to a goal that gives it all you have. Risks burning out, risks failure, courts challenge as it chases dreams. Not workaholism, but the ability to move beyond reserve and measured attempts into a blaze of determination when the goal warrants it.

What use is a webmaster who makes a site and sits passive? He is not a webmaster – he is a designer and the poor site is an orphan. What use is a climber who doesn’t practice and push horizons?

It is a fantasy that we will be able to “maintain” our current success. Performance and results like everything in life are ever changing. You can’t maintain them, because they are not snapshots to be frozen. What you can do is make efforts that bring a sense of the results being sustained. The sustaining is a new challenge.

Many people don’t understand this, or maybe they don’t want to understand. Because, if they do, they will have to actively make efforts and bear their responsibility infinitely.

It is not as bad as it sounds. Its worse!

The thing with getting that zing out of life is not “maintaining” and “sustaining” and such insipid words. It is exploring! Going beyond boundaries, current abilities and all that we know, to know new things.

It is a shift in our attitudes from passively suffering what life doles out to actively pursuing what we want. Once that shift is made, you will never find yourself worried about sustaining performance, because you will know what you did today is going to be insignificant before what you are going to do tomorrow. No doubts, no uncertainties.

If you are certain of your commitment to excellence, you will find yourself completely accepting that each new moment brings a learning and development curve.

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