Get lucky

You could wait to become lucky one day, or get lucky right now. How do you go about doing it?

  1. Find something to get lucky about
  2. Find something to appreciate
  3. Find something to criticize
  4. Figure out an investment (no matter how small – really miniature will do – in fact, is better)
  5. Plan the result of that investment – however modest
  6. Invest money and/or effort in it
  7. Make sure that your investment yields results
  8. Find ways to enhance them
  9. Start looking for other investments that could strengthen this one
  10. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Simple as this sounds, this is the mantra to follow for no matter how small or large the luck you want.

An extreme ice skating move that sprays ice like a rainbow

Try it on something simple first. As long as you take the rules no 7,8 and 9 seriously, there is no way you can be unlucky. Fate will conspire to make things happen.

And no, this is not something esoteric, it is simply the perspective shift that happens with involvement in something.

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