Open letter to Election Commission: Murder of Democracy by BJP in Gujarat

An open letter to the Election Commission of India by Ravinder Singh, convener of Sabka Bharat Party The Chief Election Commission & Election Commissioners, Election Commission of India, New Delhi – 110001 Respected Sir, 1.]  It is scandalous when Election Expenditure Limit was Rs.40 Lakh per Lok Sabha Seat and BJP with 115 seats was entitle to Spend just Rs.46 crores or may be say Rs.80 crores when it was projected to win 200 seats but BJP went in to Political over Drive a Year in Advance. Modi had already undertaken over 50-80 Political Rallies spending over Rs.50 crores on average – Mobilizing 0.5m for every rally @ Rs.500 per head including cost of arrangements and Live Coverage on say 50 Channels for 60 minutes – even if assume Rs.5 lakh per minute is Rs.3 crore per hour per channels. This adds up to Rs.175 crores per Rally – even if average expense per rally is Rs.50 crores – BJP had already Spent Rs.2500 crores to Rs.4000 crores on poll campaign. But Gujarat PANICKED in Four Hours of Arvind Kejriwal Rally. 2.]  EC is empowered by the Supreme Court to Ensure Free & Fair election in India and it also means ‘HONEST ELECTIONS & HONEST CLAIMS & HONEST MANIFESTO’ where Candidates are Directly Interacting with Electors
  • Not made to WATCH FALSE & MISLEADING Propaganda.
  • Candidates are to REPLY to all questions of Electors Not Just Fly
Past in Corporate Helicopters, Not Explain FUNDING Of Hiring Helicopters. 3.]  Election Commission Ought to Provide ‘COMPLETE SECURITY’ to All Political or Non Political Activists who are EXPLORING TRUTH and Want to Unearth REAL PROGRESS than SHINING TV Campaigns. 4.] MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT SHOULD ALSO MEANS TRUTHFUL CAMPAIGNING & PANNELS OF SUPREME COURT JUDGES SHOULD ADMIT COMPLAINTS OF FALSE CLAIMS OR ALLEGATIONS & EITHER MAKE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT THE ‘LIES OF THE PARTIES & CANDIDATES’ AND PREFERABLY INSIST ON PEOPLE CAUGHT LIEING TO BROAD CAST FACTS TO THE PEOPLE. 5.]  When PM Candidate of BJP had made ‘Big Claims of Gujarat Shining in Over 500 Hours of Public Broadcasts, Many Thousand Hours Over Social Media’ half of it Funded by State – All Registered Parties Should Be Allowed One Hour Each to Explain their Position on Gujarat Growth & Growth Model. Each News Channel has over 800 hours of prime time and 33 hours to Gujarat and 33 hours to General Discussion or Campaign Should to partly balance out the Corrupted Campaign. 6.]  Text of Every Public Broadcast Should Be Submitted to News Channels & Election Commission Monitors in advance to avoid ‘Provocations Like Prakash Javadekar’s Statement on Sardar Sarovar Project that Could Trigger RIOTS and Polarize Voters.’ Please do the Needful Immediately. Ravinder Singh, Convener, Mentor & CEO SABKA BHARAT PARTY Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435 ,

Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh is the National General Secretary of Sabka Bharat Mission 2019. He often makes public statements on national policy.

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  1. The election commission is not completely free of corruption. In punjab its heads are doing secret meetings with DGP – the police we all know what they are used for and whom they serve. Its just that they can be forced to act sometimes.

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