Replies to posts by Ravinder Singh, convenor, Sabka Bharat Party

The following are two replies I got to the article by Ravinder Singh, Convenor, Sabka Bharat PartyElection Commission corruption, BJP conspiracy and blackout on Kejriwal campaign.

Baubai Vaghela – RTI Activist, Gujarat

Improvement in governance shall remain a dream for India till the democratic, transparent and fair selection and appointment of public servants as Governors; Vice Chancellors; Judges at HCs & SC; Board of Directors of Public and Private Sector Listed Companies including Banks; Heads of IIMs & IITs; DGPs; Police Commissioners; Secretaries to the Governments; District Collectors; Governor and Deputy Governors RBI; Key Persons at BSE, NSE, SEBI, IRDA; Heads of National Commissions; Key Officers at CVC, CEC, CIC, CBI; Heads of Countless Tribunals and even Officers at CMOs & PMO as also at President of India Secretariat and Parliament Secretariat….. India can learn from Selection & Confirmation System followed by Mature Democracy USA. (2) Beyond selection and appointment, transfers and postings also have to be done in democratic and transparent manner using objective policies. (3) We the People need to work hard to achieve this extremely difficult, but not impossible, national goal.

[Babubhai has kindly provided several news clippings, which I am in the process of going through, and will post soon]

Sarbajit Roy, National Convenor, India Against Corruption


1) What is Sabka Bharat Party – is it registered one ?

2)  Points 1,2 display the “patented” ignorance of Rep. of People’s Act and what EC’s mandate is

3)  AAP is a not a national party – Kejrwal is o a CM or other functionary, so ECI played it by Rules.

4)  That Ravinder Singh – self styled internet impressario for Congress is so busy supporting AAP/Kejriwal in rest of his rambles – shows who is a sock-puppet for a sock-puppet.

[redacted personal note to me]

Sarbajit Roy

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  1. The weakest rebuttal I have ever read. 1,4 are irrelevant personal attacks. 2 and 3 are completely irrelevant to the subject matter at hand. Give me back my 2 minutes!!!

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