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Trikam Patel, co-founder of Triams, Bangalore gives an example of Narendra Modi’s campaign on social media: “Aap dekhte hi hain na Facebook mein Modi ka kitne cartoons wagaireh ye sab kuch karta hai … cartoons rahta hain unke articles ache ache tareeke se likhe jaate hain taaki uska promotion ho (You must have observed there are shown a number of cartoons on Modi’s Facebook site … there are cartoons … articles on him are well written so that his promotion goes well).” He says the fact is the Gujarat public is very gullible so much so that if you tell them there is a ghost around, they will simply believe it. It is, therefore, quite easy to do any kind of promotion with them.

Setting up a team of expert content and software developers for Netaj’s social media campaign, Patel tells Cobrapost he will do it using different IPs to give it pan-India character: “… IP ek se marketing zaldi nahin hota hai matlab different IPs le lenge toh usmein kya hain na region ke hissab se circulate hoga usmein kya hai ek ek baar se all over India failega (… you cannot do a faster marketing by with just a single IP … so we will have to buy different IPs … with this we will be able to circulate the content region wise and spread it steadily all over India).”

Patel has a third-party contract for Modi’s promotion campaign on social media. Listen to Patel: “Mere dekhiye … Joshi hai aur aapko VRL pata hoga VRL Travels … VRL Travels iska bhi aap dekh rahe hain poora wahna bhi mantrgiri kar raha wo hai baad mien Narendra Modi ka third-party contract hai (I have clients like … Joshi and then there is this VRL Travels … as you might have seen this VRL Travels fellow is doing mantrigiri … then we have got this third-party contract of Narendra Modi).” He has met Modi once and the job was entrusted to him by his assistant Ravji.

His company has been doing it for Modi for the past two and half years, and there are six other companies on board Campaign Modi.

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Patel would not allow any negative comment on our scam-tainted Netaji to appear: “…  negative hai hum log usko seedha mail bhej dete hain ki your content is invalid (… [if a comment] is negative then we simply send the fellow a mail saying your content is invalid).”

A step ahead of his peers, Patel would hire goons and detectives to rake up all the muck against Netaji’s opponent: “Uske liye kya hai na shaitan dimaag chahiye hota hai … wo thode aise hi gunda gardi log rehte hain na wo hi karte hain … ye jo iske liye detective agencies hain unko kaafi doston ko bhi jaanta hoon wahan pe unke … mere clients hain websites wagaireh maine banaye hue hain … unko main approach karke ek do bando ko laga doonga … toh dheere dheere se unka kya subject hai kahan pe jaate hain kahan pe aate hain … unke personal relations kuan hai kya hai … poore jo  bhi jaankari hum logon ko dete hain wo hum log database mein store karte hain (You need a devil’s mind for that … that kind of job is done by goons … I know many friends who run detective agencies … I have developed their websites … I will approach them and get two fellows on the job … what is the subject of his interest … where does he go … where he does come from … what are his personal relations … they will give us all kinds of information on the fellow … we will store it in our database).” No doubt Patel possesses a devil’s mind.

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He would employ every dubious means to get the job done: “Main aapko bata deta hoon ki kaise kaam hota hai main kahin pe baithke aapka mera laptop se aapka laptop main update karoonga aap dekhiye poora main baithke kahin se bhi dikha sakta hoon (I shall tell you how the work is done … I can update your laptop using my laptop sitting anywhere … you see I will show it to you sitting anywhere).” In other words, he would hack into computers of other individuals.

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Making another revelation, Patel claims: “Online mein toh marketing sabhi strategy use kar loonga jisme kum se kum 50 site aisi banaoonga jo Trojan Faking … virus ka naam … jaise system mein abhi naya virus ka naam … wahan se kya hota hai computer mein automatically wo site ko kholna shuru kar deta hai … site kholna shuru kar dega automatically uska jo comments hai humne jo likha hua hai wo comments aa jayega … automatically likes barh jaata hai (I will use all online marketing strategy … under which I will create 50 websites and with the help of Trojan Faking … it is the name of a virus … it is the name of new computer virus … it automatically opens the other sites on other computer systems … the comments we have written will show up there on their comments section automatically … likes will increase thus automatically).”

According to Patel 3 per cent income of IT companies of Bangalore is coming from this kind of political work and BJP is contributing the major share: “Kya hai Sir … BJP ke (Sir … BJP).”

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