#OperationBlueVirus Serivces offered by Bipin Pathare, Om Consultancy Services

The most crafty and ruthless of the lot investigated by Cobrapost, Bipin Pathare has designed a software which gives access to booth-wise data of voters, according to their language, region and religion, so as to approach them differently.

Ab ye dekho ismein na ismein kitne part hain ek hai part Adiba karke na … aap maloom hoga aapko ki itna Adiba ka hai 233 Adiba ka hai … toh aapko suppose iska voter dekhne ka hai kitna 112 mein toh aapko voters milenge … kitne voters hain … haan 1141 hain (Now, you see how many parts it has … one part is that of Adiba … you may be knowing that Adiba has 233 … so if you want to see how many voters are there in booth no. 112 … yes there are 1141 voters).”

[Tweet “#OperationBlueVirus You want to do negative propaganda against the other fellow … This is the right strategy … this is what we manage fully”]

Pathare would do negative propaganda against Netaji’s opponent. He asks: “Doosre ka ulta propaganda karna hai … yehi toh strategy hai … hum log wohi toh use karte hain poora (You want to do negative propaganda against the other fellow … This is the right strategy … this is what we manage fully).”

[Tweet “#OperationBlueVirus Doosre ka ulta propaganda karna hai … yehi toh strategy hai … hum log wohi toh use karte hain poora”]

Look how nonchalantly he claims to have helped one Praveen Jara win election using intimidation against a particular community, by detonating a crude bomb in their locality: “Idhar Praveen Jara jeet gaya na … udhar hum logon ne kya kiya tha maloom hai … ek jageh pe Muslim vote the Mislim toh nahin daalenge humein maloom tha pakka … udhar sixty per cent jo Muslim vote the … hum log ne kaisa kiya unhein udher danga kiya … ek thoda sa haath bomb hota hai … bomb wagaireh wo sab fora udhar unke hi logon ne … wahan koi bahar nahin aya … unka sixty per cent vote aa gaya … ye sab strategy hai na (Praveen Jara won here … you know what we did … there were some Muslim votes in a locality … we knew Muslims will not cast vote in his favour … there were 60 per cent Muslim votes … you know what we did … we created a riot … exploded there a little hand bomb taking help from their own fellows … nobody among the community ventured out … their 60 per cent vote was secured thus … we have all these kinds of strategy).”

As already admittied by him, the data Pathare is in possession of can tell who lives where and this can be put to good use for electoral gains, even if you are able to spread a rumour and stop the minority voters from venturing out on polling day.Says Pathare: “Haan isase toh yehi pata chalta hi na aapke kaun sa road pe kitna log Muslim rehta hai … aisa mahaul set karna hai … uske andar bhi nahain aye wo ki kuch gadbad hai … logon ko kuch ek ek rumour wo karne ka hai rumour wo karne ka hai udhar gadbad ho raha hai … bahar mat nikalna (Yes … this helps us know how many Muslims live on which road … we have to set an atmosphere … so that they don’t enter in the area … that there is some disturbance … our men will have to spread a rumour that there is some disturbance out there … so don’t venture out).”

He will design a server for negative publicity: “… poora ek server design karenge apna (… we will design a server).” He assures: “Abhi ek server hai na wo ensure karke udhar poora negative propaganda usse hum mera naam bhi nahin dega usse (We have one server … we will ensure it … to begin negative propaganda).” He claims: “Nahin … server ka wo mera koi find out nahin kar payega (No … nobody will be able to find out my server).” The reason is it will work out of the United States, and will also be used to send sms in lakhs.

The strategies offered by Mr Bipin Pathare of Om Consultancy Services are clearly illegal and designed to influence election results.

The Election Commission should take note and have the company investigated and any politicians found using the service should be disqualified.

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