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5 Comments on "That mythical Hindu Rashtra"

  1. India can become a Hindu nation by using violence and war. Well, my imagination is not wild enough to create a picture of that utopia. But it is not possible to create that Hindu nation in present context where you have to maintain the hypocrite value of peace and harmony to stick to the seat of power. You got to be above all that and become Hitler to create such an utopia at least in papers.
    Nice post.

  2. Well, I am guessing that hindu rashtra will be based on Ram Rajya? Then one of the foremost rule of Ram Rajya is that people do not do ‘taank-jhaanks’ in other people’s home. Compare it with recent stalking of that women.
    This reminds me of a famous dialogue of that movie black friday – “Tumhe neta -beep- bnate hain kyunki tum -beep- ho”. In the end there are those who exploit and those who allow themself to be exploited. The latter are just parasites for those who resist the former – equally disgusting.

  3. Vidyth,u are just not seeing the danger of minority invasion into majority domain.In India,the rulers have forced majority to suffer because they are a divided “herd” and they can not make a vote-bank.Had it been a united herd,these greedy rulers right away from Nehru would have supported them.So to remain in power it was easy to appease minority by a method called ” secularism”.Actually there was no necessity to bring this method because the majority population of India ie HINDUS are by birth secular and there is no harm to minorities if the nation becomes a “Hindhu Rastra” On the contrary if it is following the present HINDU BASHING secularism,every Hindu will think to drive out danger posing minorities.In a democratic country what is the necessity to bring majority-minority divide.ALL SHOULD BE TREATED AT PAR. So that only we envisaged secularism concept. But what happened is anybody’s guess !! The thought of hindu rashtra in the majority is the bi-product of faulty secularism

  4. jasbirsingh grover | April 12, 2014 at 10:39 am | Reply

    well said –please keep up

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