Exposing a bogus expose of Sonia Falerio

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Facts have published an article by Prashant Sudhakaran called “Sonia Falerio’s sleight of hand in the New York times” which refers to an article by Sonia Falerio in the New York times and debunks it.

Disclosure 1: I have not read Sonia Falerio’s article and am not planning to. Not even read Prashant’s article properly.

Disclosure 2: My sole issue is that I’m touchy about bogus statistics.

Prashant Sudhakaran for some reason uses meat prices from USDA and IMF as “evidence” to prove that beef is more expensive than pork, instead of prices from India:

Unless of course, if Sonia Faleiro’s contention is that Indian commodity prices are an island, and that they are significantly cheaper than global prices—in which case she has uncovered a massive global arbitrage opportunity.

Beef is expensive worldwide, because it is among preferred meats. In India, beef prices are indeed lower.

Here is the products page for Meat Products of India. Surf prices to your heart’s content. Beef is indeed more economical than pork. Will Prashant reverse his argument on beef in light of the fact that Indian commodity prices for beef are indeed an island and he was merely ignorant of the “global arbitrage opportunity” already being profited from that makes India the largest exporter of beef?

Does Prashant or India “Facts” have the courage to publish a correction?

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