EVM Discrepancies Map (According to data published and deleted by ECI)

The following is an attempt to visualize discrepancies in the numbers of votes reported as polled and the number of votes counted from EVMs.

The data of results is from the Election Commission of India website.

The data on votes cast per constituency for phases 1-4 is from documents the ECI had uploaded on its website and then deleted after questions were raised about the mismatched numbers. The files, however were archived immediately by alert activists and may be downloaded from here.

What is important to note here is that none of the data provided by the Election Commission so far is reliable despite their extensive assurances. There is no reason for data of voters who voted to change after the polling day. Data is provided in obscure ways that discourage analysis and on analysis, it is no surprise to find extensive mismatches.

A new map with more information on discrepancies is soon to follow.

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4 thoughts on “EVM Discrepancies Map (According to data published and deleted by ECI)”

  1. Vidyut,

    With the help from my friends I have scrapped the data from ECI (http://results.eci.gov.in/pc/en/constituencywise/ConstituencywiseU011.htm). And I also downloaded the deleted ECI data from acrhive.org and compared it the latest turnout results that ECI had published. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DUESimWzhy86nK_hdHmtbrNfp5mgfXur/view?usp=sharing.
    Is there a proof that ECI has deleted and updated with new modified data? Because I wanted to be sure that that the data I got from archive.org is authentic!

    Thanks for the detailed Analysis.

  2. Thanks for the information ….
    In the complete list, did you find a single Constituency where the discrepancy is greater than the Margin of Victory of the winning candidate ?
    Or where the Discrepancy + NOTA is greater than the Margin of Victory ?
    If so, I believe the Election can and must be countermanded for the Constituency …
    If not, the exercise is academic and informational …
    Thanks for your effort …

    1. Your assumption is not correct. If votes on an EVM machine don’t match the turnout, the method by which they were altered determines whether votes were merely added or removed or votes were completely misrepresented. If additional votes were cast or some votes were deleted, then your argument that there is no practical difference unless the discrepancy exceeds the winning margin holds weight. However, we do not know that this was the method applied and there are widespread reports and accusations of the EVMs themselves being switched. In which case, the entire result is suspect and the whole election must be nullified.

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