2 thoughts on “Derrick Thomas raises important questions about misuse of Aadhaar by terrorists or illegal immigrants”

  1. Derrick Thomas is absolutely right . Many of illegal entrants got Adhar but putting “place of birth” , Country of birth” who are residing in India since 1950 but originally Bangladeshi,as there is no validation mechanism except self declaration which cannot be expected to be right . It’s difficult to figure out these illegal migrants who will eventually eat up our resources depriving real Indians who really need upliftment ….

  2. Sir ,
    West Bengal and other north eastern states shares huge border with Bangladesh. There is a continual flux of illegal entrants changing the demographics and depriving opportunities of local people . Large number of people who illegally migrated to India between 1950 onwards giving false “Country of Birth” , “Place of Birth” to get an Adhar card . Since there is no validation they are getting those cards very easily. It’s a known practise that making PAN card requires no validation but since when we are introducing a more scientific cards why are we not validating the information . With a huge investment creating a database with corrupt information . It’s not possible to catch the offenders though the law is having some feeble provision.
    Also probably citizen of couple of countries including Bangladesh are not allowed to open bank account without the permission of Reserve bank of India . But in Adhar as they have mentioned they are Indian no such rules become applicable for them. I think this made India heaven for illegal Migrants.

    We are not self sufficient to feed our own people . Why we are introducing another card with huge investment coupled with naturalizing illegal migrants ? Could our honourable Government take notice of it

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