How to deradicalize Muslims?

Season for questions on how to deradicalize Muslims. Later there will be a season on how to deradicalize Hindus (like much later, five years later). Answer is the same. Treat them the same. Respect them as people. Disagree with ideas, not hate identities. Golden rule of debate is there for a reason. It allows for dialogue without violence. Isn’t that what society needs? For communities to be able to interact without violence and be able to negotiate differences?

Actions that are inappropriate can be changed. Identities cannot. If your laughing when I am in pain hurts me, you could try not laughing when I cry. But if your existing at all bothers me, then there is no end to this problem.

This is as much a suggestion to Islamophobics as it is to the anti-Hindutva fringe. Hate actions as much as you want. Be willing to accept that there is more to people than simply what you have chosen to notice and detest.

Be inclusive, treat people with equality rather than a default of mistrust or singling out for extra pity just because of surname or looks or religion. It is hardly as though we like everything about people like us either.

Alienation is the biggest reason for groups of people to break off. We can blame them for it and claim ourselves to be better or we can make the alienation less likely and make everyone safer.. Do not hurt or hate anyone you have not witnessed doing you wrong specifically as opposed to belonging to some community.

There I said it. The big elephant in the room which we prefer not to address because it doesn’t give us a psychological high of “holier than thou”.

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3 thoughts on “How to deradicalize Muslims?”

  1. You have not explained how Kafirs and Muslims can be friend? Why Muslims should leave violence as that is the foundation of Islam?

  2. As parents, do not discourage your children from making friends with people from other communities. Do not sow the seeds of prejudice in their clean mind. And don’t say condescending crap like Muslims are our brothers and sisters too. Raise them as default atheists, maybe. Retain factory settings as it were.

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