4 thoughts on “Dear misogynist troll, I’m not a feminist. I’m worse.”

  1. Good approach! fly below the radar when need be, come out in the open when need be. Understanding the opponent and the need to get past them with least resistance and never getting overwhelmed by any outcome, finally making all of this a sustainable approach.

  2. I have read the entire article thoroughly. I apprecite the brave approach and the undestanding of barriers and limits. Equality will be on the basis of gender or anything can be achieved with a process and evolution of equality not only interms of rights but the contribution as well. Unfortunate is our system that doesnt allow the oportunities and the equal platform the way it should hve been not only to the Women but to all deprived and weaker sectiions of the society. Our constitution has provisions but implementation is still a far cry… enjoy and keep writing.

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