Two day workshop for women as agents of change

There is increasing awareness of women’s rights among educated and progressive sections of Indian society. Women, regardless of the state of awareness of their rights are no longer content with their traditional lot. From women in Bihar rejecting suitors over lack of education or sanitation to activists occupying India Gate in protest, what is no longer acceptable is clear.

What is less clear is what is desirable. And even more vexing is the stagnation when it comes to creating changes that will actualize any vision. It is not simply a matter of understanding the need for equality or empowerment, it is actually about understanding how it is all interlinked and finding ways to change these linkages.

This is easier said than done, because the all pervasive nature of inequality is daunting and tends to overwhelm agendas leaving women who challenge dysfunctional norms consumed with the challenges they must overcome. This is as effective as traditional limitations when it comes to leaving women unavailable to freely pursue their goals.

Over and over, women walk individual journeys attempting to reinvent the wheel as they struggle with very similar problems in exercising their autonomy. Interspersed among the vast numbers of women who diminish themselves to minimize conflict are a few who are able to do most of the things they want to. There is a need for knowledge sharing on strategies to address common limitations. To identify common pitfalls, understand processes that empower or undermine.

I am conducting a two day workshop for women as agents of change on the 22nd and 23rd of June toward this end.

This programme aims to create a unique space for women to experiment with ways to be more effective in their actions on behalf of themselves. The idea is neither rebellion nor conforming. It is not about fighting odds or learning to adjust, but a unique and practical space to understand how we compromise, how power manifests, how to identify battles to ignore and battles to fight, and more. The idea is to learn to understand situations we find ourselves in and develop enough of a functional understanding of the dynamics in it to allow choices that will lead in directions we have chosen for ourselves.

The idea of living is not to live like a slave for a vague pat on the head eventually, but to live with purpose.

This programme ought to be very good for women who wish to create change in effective ways. It may also add professional value to women in positions of assisting others like social workers, journalists or political activists.

Note: This programme is only for women.

Also note: Applications must be made my individuals. Two people belonging to an organization may attend, but organization must not apply on their behalf. Asking for a place on the programme implies personal interest in utilizing this space.

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