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Maya Kodnani bowing before Modi

Maya Kodnani, once the woman RSS, the proof of the pudding.

“It wasn’t hard to see why. Kodnani’s star was on the rise after the riots. Mentored by none less than party patriarch LK Advani, she won the 2002 elections that followed the brutal riots by a thumping majority and by 2007 had been elevated to MoS for women and child development.”    How will Modi explain his minister’s role in the riots?

In December 2002 Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi gave Maya Kodnani ticket to contest State Assembly elections, even after serious AND true charges against her for 10 months since February. And He gave her the chance and the prize of a Gujarat Government Ministry yet again in 2007, that too ironically the “Women and Child Development” Minister!

  • Why did she win 2002 elections? Why did people still elect her?
  • What made the people of Gujarat keep electing Maya Kodnani, even the next 2007 term in the next 7 years even when there were grave charges against her including those that people saw her leading the mobs?
  • What GOOD that Sinner COULD do and did by winning and winning elections again?
  • What did the Gujarat Government do until she was convicted and put in jail by Supreme Court monitored SIT, for 28 YEARS?

After so much simple evidence before the Strong and Stable Gujarat Government chose to appoint her Women and Child Welfare Minister.

Are you kidding me?

Just because Kodnani was STILL winning by LARGE MARGINS! The usual banter goes with the countering of public anger at mis-governance through denials. Tell me if you haven’t had enough of those sorry-it-didn’t-happen (because it would shame our administration) defences from all concerned, liable authorities ever since independent India has been governed. It works to shrug off when your guilt is collective, dividing the shame, emboldening the lie. But if you forego those I’m sure you’re deathly bored… sorry, furious at the denial tantrums of the UPA government for last 10 years, which feels as if we’re so immature as a democracy that we had only the British Raj just before that to have had that misfortune.

Fans come out and profess Modi didn’t know! He wasn’t supposed to know all that, what goes on under him! It’s the job of the courts and the police not the Government!! Yeah Right, Kindly read on!

So why are you angry with UPA’s 10 year stable government? The same God forsaken logical reasons, they won’t act on the apparent wrongs in the regime! Deny Deny… Deny Deny Deny… (To rhyme with a pithy character from Inglourious Basterds)

Please, Understand THIS:

  • Maya Kodnani won elections 3 times in succession, including 2 times after her Criminal involvement in 2002 riots (As Anti-Hindu act as it can get).
  • AFTER her 3rd time winning, and being elevated as a Minister by her ‘ignorant’ mentors, she WAS convicted for facilitating the riots in Naroda Patiya and the massacre of 96 innocent lives (35 children!). [Fan: What Bullshit! Godhra train massacre called for it!] Congratulation! You don’t want justice for that, but to be equally, rather, more evil. Remind yourself, it began with the date of December 6, 1992.
  • Kodnani’s conviction, 28 years in prison, proves that WINNING elections doesn’t prove ANY person innocent, voters can’t give Clean Chits! And No INDIVIDUAL or PARTY can claim so (all established parties bat for it) citing ‘WINABILITY’!
  • The “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” argument doesn’t help innocent victims like you and me under the grave charges such as Murder of 96 people of which 35 are children. Law may well take its course, but not at the cost of civilisation. You have to demarcate line of accountability, before someone proliferates the injustice reaches your own doorstep. Look at Pakistan, we, as in the rest of the world, hold it accountable for its own misfortune because “we know” it abetted the denials it sought for the wrongs in their own backyard.
  • What does it Say about the people who buy into the above argument by the vested interests? They fall prey to the propaganda of false opportunism of misinformation and when it gets too hot to handle the indefensible; they are discredited and distanced from the pompous commotion of greed disguised as a public service. Wait for your turn to be Ramesh Pratap Singh, Pawan Pandey… .

“Kodnani’s name came up in witness testimony immediately after the massacre ended. The fact that she was eventually convicted 10 years later came as no surprise to anyone in Gujarat.

Even if the evidence required for the charge sheet was only gathered by 2009 thanks to the Supreme Court-monitored SIT,

THE FACTS about her involvement ought to have been known to Modi in December 2002, when he gave her a ticket to fight from the Naroda constituency, and in 2007, when he brought her into his cabinet.

  • IF THEY WERE NOT, this shows, at best, that his administration lacked basic administrative and intelligence gathering skills.
  • And IF THEY WERE, he needs to explain why he chose someone for the job of Minister for Women and Child development whom he knew had blood on her hands.” – Skip the apology Modi saheb, tell us about Kodnani,
  • A LEADER that INCAPABLE of SIMPLE ADMINISTRATION, of knowing what goes on in his CONTROL?
  • HOW SAFE do you feel?

Maya Kodnani bowing before Modi

More on ‘Capacity’ of Control later.

Because HE’S BUSY, Modi gave an “explanation” in a (soft) ANI interview that he HAS NOT seen (even after a whole week?) Amit Shah’s Hate speech that got the latter BANNED by the EC, along with an EQUALLY guilty MAN on the OTHER SIDE of the fence, Azam Khan. Shah is the right hand man of Modi, their public identities are interlocked in so many ways for Mr. Modi to overlook such shame to be banned by EC to hold public meetings.

Modi is the undisputed Election Campaign Manager of the BJP, has personal stake (wannabe PM), and yet he gives away such an explanation to the nation? AMIT SHAH was his Home Minister in Gujarat before being ‘BANNED’ from there, and Modi DOESN’T THINK it necessary what his MAIN GUYS are doing or are accused of? That’s his LEADERSHIP?


  • WHAT LED YOU, Mr. Modi, to believe that Gujarat, in 2002 riots and later, with its Strong – Stable Government DID NOT have worthy evidence to investigate and charge Maya Kodnani for her crimes instead of rewarding such a sinner with productive political career?

Rahul Sharma’s evidence, contribution and persecution:

  • Why don’t the judiciary take suo moto cognizance of the apparent direct relations of the case involving the obstruction of evidence and subsequent persecution after the fact that the same evidence held the prime accused, Then Minister Maya Kodnani, guilty of massacre?

One of the things all Indians, including Modi voters, should be ashamed of is how we have allowed Modi to treat Rahul Sharma. This brave Indian Police Service, or IPS, officer tracked the movements of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) thugs who participated in the rioting. He did so by going to mobile phone operators and securing data from their signal towers to track cellphones. This is how we came to establish that Modi’s minister for women and child development, Maya Kodnani, was involved in the murder of 97 Gujaratis, among them 33 children and 32 women, in Naroda Patiya, Ahmedabad.

Sharma should have been decorated for his initiative, but instead he is persecuted. – Narendra Modi critics, expect no quarter and no mercy,

The evidence and the reasons for Maya Kodnani’s conviction for 28 years in jail were so obvious and basic that the Gujarat Government’s ‘inability’/’incapacity’ to suspend her and allow the investigative proceedings to fruition. INSTEAD, IT TOOK SUPREME COURT Monitored SIT to facilitate further investigations THAT GOT HER to be punished, NOT GOVERNMENT whom you’d expect.

It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you. Batman Begins, 2005.

It is an axiom that will ring a bell for aficionados of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

It is also a maxim that effectively defines leadership. In politics, it is not just what you do but also what you do not or fail to do that you are defined by eventually.  – indianexpress on UPA’s Manmohan Singh. I’m sure you’ll like it  :-/


So you know what Governments, this or that, have on stake.
Unless we make them accountable to “We The People”,
we are at a loss. Sigh :-/


Investigation and Apparent Justice, another case:

Why the SIT is considered limited in its findings were the same obvious reasons listed elsewhere and similar to the 1984 Sikh Massacre during the MOST Strong and Stable Congress regime:

Cutting down Ved Marwah –

So cheer the Strong – Stable Leaderships that can do so much!

Guest post by @SarCreem

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  1. The speeches are a sham. Its all about reading between the lines. “Strong and Stable” leadership. What does that actually mean? Only a fool would not realize the threat in the statement.
    Why is he not using hindutva card? Because he does not need to. He has already shown it by using “gujrat model” which would be applied all over india.
    How can you ensure a “stable” government? By destroying opposition, as in gujrat model using strong leadership.
    All in all, we have Indira Gandhi Part 2, this time from BJP instead of congress. Afterall, it was indira gandhi which led to formation of BJP and thus in a way, Modi might be the reason for AAP’s rise.
    History has a way to repeat itself.

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