Wikileaky Kashmir – Abuses, Human rights

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The much awaited dirt on India in Kashmir is finally out – abuse, human rights… the usual, but from yet another source. Among the cables released by Wikileaks we have several which help us see the situation in Kashmir through the eyes of an interested, but uninvolved perspective.

The Guardian has published a wonderful writeup. I like it particularly because the absense of chest thumping and claims leaves the reader free to get an understanding of the ground realities. For once, it is also a document that focuses solidly on India rather than the Indo-Pak hyphenation much publicized by the government and media. It is a welcome mirror into just how much we are going to have to shape up to resolve Kashmir. Abuses, human rights, reconciliation – much needed.

On the other hand, it is also a picture of hope, as it acknowledges changes in India as to the human rights situation and while we have a long way to go, it gives some insight into what we could do.

Busy with chotu right now, but will be updating this post soon.

In the meanwhile, check out how strange it is that Indian media (other than the one surviving newspaper – The Hindu) seems to have developed cataract even about such a masala topic.


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