4 thoughts on “Why our area doesn’t seem to be going cashless”

  1. This is an Idiotic post, where everything is magnified 10 times to state issues with demonetization.

    I would like to ask how much does a “house-mom” needs everyday? I hope before you say anything, you should state whether you stay in Mumbai today and Delhi tomorrow? Do you know your milkman or your area vegetable seller?

    Majorly there are incidents where people are hoarding money for nothing.

  2. One issue yet to be even mentioned anywhere is that the propensity of the Indian housewives to save money by tucking a bit here and a bit there will be severely hit by going digital. How will they scrimp and save digitally?

  3. Dear IA group, I totally endorse your note which is 100% true. The Govt should have been well prepared before declaring DM. All the GOVT goons have been asked to parrot MODI language including the RBI GUV. What to tell of the anaarchy. Rs.2000 nobody wants except when you buy goods worth 1500 or you are a regular big buyerfor lower sum.
    Warm regards Dr.T.N.MAHADEVAN

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