Quotes by P. Sainath

Different quotes from Sainath’s work that I found interesting
Well, I would like to tell you the rat race is over. The rats have won.— P. SainathLecture: The Importance of Citizen Journalism
Growing insensitivity is often the baggage of deepening inequality.— P. SainathDregs Of Destiny
If we draw a baseline in the last Ice Age, everyone’s conditions have improved.— P. SainathDregs Of Destiny
Read the press on rural India. You’ll be struck by the fact that—in the press—the rural poor almost never speak. They invariably ‘lament’ or ‘plead’ or ‘cry’ or ‘beg’ for attention. Sometimes, they even ‘wail’ or ‘weep’. They rarely just ‘say’ things the way the rest of us do. Because we have decided that that is the way they are.— P. Sainath,Dregs Of Destiny
How agonized we are over how people die. How untroubled we are by how they live.— P. SainathGlobalizing Inequality
As famous last words, those rank along side the Tarzan’s “Who greased the grapevine?”— P. SainathGlobalizing Inequality
Then there are the ideologically insane. The members of the sect have no interest in either farmers or agriculture. Only in upholding their Gospel.For them, farmers are dying because they have not been reached by free market reforms. If more of them keep dying after they are reached, it’s because the “reforms have not gone far enough.” It hangs a halo of righteousness around wanton ignorance.— P. Sainath


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