Political labels and the human condition

As I post up a lot of transcripts from Sainath and at the same time am posting a lot of information on nuclear power that never makes it to our general public, increasing questions coming in asking me if I am on the “left” – some sound worried as if it may be contagious.

For me, that is a question I don’t know how to answer. I tend to have my own responses to many things. Whether they are left, right or center is coincidence. For example:

What do I think of globalization?

I think it is a criminal waste of human resources, adds to poverty and deprivation everywhere for unsustainable, though impressive surges of profits. It exploits inequality and adds travel expenses to everything. Is also leading to a more and more “hive mind” kind of world, eroding cultures, etc. Needs a separate post. I don’t know if this is left or right, because it may look like a “left” idea, but to me, it is a careful consideration and rejection for not being practical/efficient and long term un-feasibility and harm that piles up. A cost to profit analysis. Very “right” trait.

What do I think of caste?

Get rid of the ban gradually. Let an individual’s response to caste be his own – safeguard all citizens from discrimination in public space and butt off their private lives and opinions. Explained elsewhere. Very “right”, but wait… I am actually asking for safeguarding a space for all. I am asking for an individual’s freedom to frame own responses. Would that be left?

What about Maoists?

I don’t have anything against them. They have issues they are fighting the state about that they don’t think the state will pay attention to unless forced. I can understand that. Do I condone violence? Nope. I think that is a bad idea. Initially maybe there is “good” fighting and “bad” fighting, but when fighting becomes a way of life, it is easy to disrespect life itself – for themselves, those they claim to “protect” or their enemies. In my eyes, an ideology or political compulsion like that may begin with the noblest of objectives, but fast deteriorates into homicidal.

That said, I certainly can understand why they do it, and I have no fingers to point for them not choosing the “wait and hope” path of the other deprived people of India. The “wait and hope” candlelit way that is starving far more people to death is equally homicidal, though less visibly. What needs to happen? I think they need to make this more diverse and less about guns. Their support base would increase. And really, the greatest fear of man is no longer death, it is inconvenience.

BTW, while I am sad for the deaths of the security troops, I don’t imagine the security troops act any better with them. It is a war out there and people are getting killed on both sides. The troops and cops are doing ROUTINE abuses there and not only of Maoists. Selective pity is not my style.. Remember Soni Sori? Their deaths are sad, but no sadder than the deaths of their victims and I wish the government finds a more mature way to handle what is a political problem rather than pushing two thugs at each other and media at remains. Another post due.

So when have you pushed a capitalist solution?

Of course I have. Many of my solutions for corruption are based in pure capitalist thought. Check them out.

Does this mean I am a *****?

Who the heck knows? More than that, who cares? Tomorrow the Maoists may do something I love or hate, America may end world poverty and wars or the Indian government may start enforcing basic human rights, and I’ll support or condemn accordingly. There is no blanket approval for anyone – which is why I call my political orientation fickle.

Personally, I think that is how it should be too. It doesn’t make sense to have one default way of responding to everything.

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