Searchable database of survivors of Uttarakhand Floods 2013

[table id=13 /]

Special thanks for voluntary efforts contributed to converting scanned files and other difficult formatting (often translating from Hindi) to caring Twitteratti: @sunnysingh_nw3 @ChetnaL @godavar @db_DelAlpha @MainKhuda @pranjalnigam @thnkmkt @ShealjaSharma @bkamapantula @Pedal_India @Raja_Sw @shivilrous @SunderNagesh and countless useful suggestions from many people.

This table is by no means complete. There are another 4-5 lists pending among those already released, and there will, of course be new data daily.

  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.


  • Pieter Pouweles and David Linthicum it should be I think. Great job anyways.

  • Pieter Pouweles and David Linthicum it should be I think.

  • A great job indeed!

  • cant this be made as a single page doc? i dont know just asking,

    • It is a single page doc. The javascript simply makes it less…. endless. You can change the number of rows display (on the top of the table on the left side, where the drop down meny shows 10 – and you will find that long rows start feeling incomprehensible – the table has 2700 of them. More in next upload. Experiment with what suits you 🙂

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