4 thoughts on “The cashless India jumla as an answer to #demonetisation mess”

  1. Cashless is an idea that needs genuine work on the ground to slowly move people into the new realm. So many deaths yet there are no heads rolling..stupid and sad!

  2. The cashless India logic is so absurd! I replied to a comment on your Signs of Demonetisation Rollback article which said the same thing. This is a complete and utter disaster and the govt. is now busy doing disaster management and that means mostly trying to save its own image and providing talking points for its bhakts.

  3. minin anthony dcosta

    Sir you are doing the good job by sending this mail to everybody, very soon the Eye will open of the people AND THIS GIANT we are seeing in OUR COUNTRY will be cut off LIKE DAVID DID TO GOLIATH yes it is sure this Jumla will be exposed. carry on your good work my dear.Minin

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