The open letter initiative

I am inviting letters from people who understand the need for women’s rights in today’s India to India at large. Open letters. On the subject of women’s rights. Woman to man. Man to man. Woman to man. Man to woman. Explain to India why we need a gender revolution.


These letters can be in any language, though a translation or at least brief description in English will help me.

While many have been getting vocal on the need for rights these days, most of it is about protesting atrocity, with little perception as being relevant to daily life. I think there is a possibility for the dialogue to dig in deeper. For deeper understandings that can sustain the visible attitudes to emerge and be available for all.

The format is a letter for three reasons. The first being the obvious. It is far easier to write a letter or email than an article for most people. The second reason is that it then becomes a direct one on one conversation addressed to the people it is intended for, rather than words spoken to the world at large. The third is perhaps the most important. I intend to compile a free ebook of these letters that can be downloaded and used or perhaps printed and sold to fund further initiatives (haven’t thought that clearly). In any case, the content will be available free for use always.

Then, we can encourage people to use these letters to read out in gatherings. Rural, urban, training programme content, political speeches, village fair shows, whatever. Find a letter that resonates with what you think, and read it out. This will allow the ideas to spread further, trigger conversations. And because the format is a letter, reading it to a gathering will sound like a direct conversation with the audience too!

Your ideas are welcome in the comments. If you feel strongly about gender equality, about the need to stop the subjugation of women, the country needs you to speak up! Write a letter to people at large. Spread the word, read other letters (which will get posted as guest posts here) comment, engage in dialogue, question. Let us keep the conversations alive and growing.

Note: If there is a specific group of people you are addressing the letter to, feel free to clarify it in the title. It does not have to be general always. For example, “An open letter to the college boys of India” or “An open letter to the Khap Panchayat, or traditional village elders” “An open letter to the women with a voice” is also fine.

Let us bring in the change. Let us be the change we want to see.

Form for submitting your letter for inclusion

Submitting your letter implies that you agree that it is creative commons content to be reproduced freely with credit to you.

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6 thoughts on “The open letter initiative”

  1. Dear Sirs/Madam

    This is a suggestion related to the topic.

    In many countries (example, South East Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, many Islamic countries of Middle East) the punishment for rape and molest crimes against women includes whipping or caning the criminal.

    This is a very good deterrant. It can also be applied to juveniles without limitation. I suggest this punishment should be incorporated in Indian criminal system in addition to the normal jail sentences etc existing currently.

    Thank you.

  2. This is an innovative idea & I like it. There is a huge gender inequality issue at the grass root level all over the country & we need to come up with fantastic & workable ideas to tackle it. As I had mentioned in reply to your tweet, men fear women who are as good or better than them in their own perspective. We have to find a way to council men. Let’s work on it. Thank you for
    your initiative.

  3. We men can you girls all support. But it is you who have to stand against all injustice and support others girls/women because you can do it better. Unless you come out, non can do any thing. Bless you all

    1. The idea is that the letters will be archived here on the blog as well as published as a free ebook. They can be in any language. Once we have some letters, we will start encouraing people to read them out in public functions. Pick one you like and read it out to the audience – a letter to them.

      Be it village panchayat or corporate training programme. Small dinner at home or religious event. Whatever. A handy bunch of best wishes and dreams and demands for a better tomorrow to spread into the country.

      We can try and get media to support. To publish them as weekly columns, or whatever.

      Once the archive is necessary, getting it to the people is the next step.

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