The Kids, The Dance, The Farmers

My daughters first fund raiser performance next week is to help the farmers. It was a coincidence and the fund raiser is being organized by Save Indian Farmers. So thanks to her, I got to know and learn about another group working on the same cause. 
Today when I dropped her at her dance class, her teacher asked me if I could talk to the kids about the reason for such a fund raiser. It was an impromptu 3-5 minute conversation.
All the kids sat down and looking up towards me as I came forward. I greeted everyone and I said, “Today, I’m going to teach you something about Bharatnatyam”. The kids giggled a bit 🙂 and that was our ice breaker.

I started of asking how many kids met a farmer, or know a farmer or visited a village?

Kids: One or two hands raised for visiting a village but no one had met a farmer or know a farmer [Neither did I when I was that age]

Me: What tools does a farmer use?

Kids: hands went up and the answers were

  • Plough
  • Cows
  • Other farming tools

Me: What do the farmers need to grow a crop?

Kids: Hands went up and one after the other, the answers came in. All of them were accurate

  • Seeds
  • Sunlight 
  • Fertilizers 
  • Large lands

Me: So what if i said 

  • Seeds are expensive and the farmers can’t afford to buy them
  • Water isn’t available, there are hardly any rains 
  • Sunlight is too much causing a draught 
  • Fertlizers and chemicals are being used in too much quantities with little results but harmful effects
  • Large lands are only with a few of them, most of the farmers don’t have lands 

This is exactly the reason why you are performing. When you perform, the people who come to see your performance get to know about these issues. So you are helping create the awareness. Not just about the problems but also some solutions.

So thank you for performing and good luck. Please remember as you grow up, think about the farmers and their problems, and please see how you can help. 

 The Kids, The Dance, The Farmers 1 

(Pic credit – My Daughter)

Any questions kids?

Kids: No

The teacher came in and did an impromptu quiz asking them about the challenges, the issues etc and every one scores on the quiz 

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