Photo of the damaged banks from Uttarakhand floods

Uttarakhand floods: Survivor lists from Chamoli, Dehradun, DMMC and Uttarkashi.

This table combines lists of people rescued in Uttarakhand floods issued by District Administrations of Chamoli, Dehradun, DMMC and Uttarkashi. These lists have been translated from scanned pdf files by various volunteers whose names will be updated shortly. Source domains: chamoli,nic.in dehradun.nic.in dmmc.uk.gov.in uttarkashi.nic.in [table id=18 /] List of files included: http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/Disater_2013_casualties_20_june.PDF http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/rescued/1.PDF http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/rescued/22_2206201315123500.pdf http://chamoli.nic.in/files/casualties/rescued/aapda25.PDF […]

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