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Do parents really care about child safety or do they want to outsource caring for children?

Vidyut and Nisarga

Disclosure of bias: I am biased against mainstream schools as currently exist in India and think they do more harm than good. We need better schools and for reasons more than security. This is the second murder in a Ryan International School. Last year, in February, a child was found drowned in the Ryan International …

PDAs of BJP Congress crony politics

Lovely Harsh Vardhan

While the BJP and Congress persist in calling AAP for being the Team B of each other, the fact remains that the two have colluded without openly allying all the time, and as the voices decrying corruption get louder, they remain scrupulously distant while acting in tandem. Not only do they both violate Indian laws by …

Delhi Jal Board Scam #DJBScam #PolKhol

delhi jal board scam

The Aam Aadmi Party has tweeted that it is making three exposes related with the Delhi Jal Board. Information compiled from known AAP accounts and those recommended by known AAP accounts – @Sanjay_dimpy @aap_103 Live updates here. All information compiled from Twitter. I cannot verify independently. 12.59 The Citizen’s Front for Water Democracy (CFWD) will …