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The tragic irony of Muslim protests

Ironic Islamic Protests

There is little point writing beyond this. Muslims protest. Whatever it is, they protest. Protests turn violent. People condemn. Then it is an insult of Islam. This rubbish cycle continues forever… Today, when news hit that a Berlin court has allowed a rightwing extremist organization to use cartoons of Mohammed during their protest; I remembered …

About ban on Salman Rushdie’s book/person

Some tweets that say it all. “ Now Deoband demands ban on Video Conferencing with Salman Rushdie saurabh srivastava Mon, Jan 23 2012 02:19:56 ReplyRetweet “ BAN freedom of speech, BAN books, BAN pictures, BAN alcohol, BAN Surya namaskar, BAN Salman Rushdie, We’re turning into a Nation of BANch*ds Devesh Kumar Mon, Jan 23 2012 …