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The brainwash chronicles… sponsored by Gujarat Government

Modi came to power unelected. Soon after his becoming Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Gujarat Riots happened. Shamelessly defending the massacres as a righteous “reaction” Modi successfully polarized the majority against the minority to win in 2002. For the younger readers, who don’t remember the Vinash Purush speeches that preceeded the Vikas Purush speeches, here […]

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Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV
Women's rights

Tehelka Rape Case: Disclosure of my stand and some questions asked

The sheer number of posts on this blog about the alleged rape of a Tehelka journalist by Tarun Tejpal have raised eyebrows. For me, the posts have actually been several different kinds of posts, though around the same incident. My own stand has changed considerably during the process as well. I began blogging because it […]

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