Gajendra Singh committed suicide at AAP rally protesting Land Bill

A scream into the void of apathy #GajendraSingh #FarmerSuicide

It was inevitable. The building farmer frustration is ready to explode. If not Gajendra Singh, it would be someone else. The writing has been on the wall. There is torment needing to be heard. A scream in the void. In 2010 Ramchandra Raut composed his suicide note on non-judicial stamp paper, addressed it to the Prime […]

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BJP Maharashtra leader Devendra Fadnavis
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BJP’s planned betrayal of Vidarbha

Vidarbha is the latest to fall to BJP’s “con for vote” schemes. BJP Maharashtra has been campaigning with a promise of a separate state for Vidarbha if it comes to power. Given a decimated Congress and Shiv Sena and NCP both adamantly opposed to any division of Maharashtra, there were no points for guessing who […]

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Representational image: Woman beaten up

Girl pays the price for reporting sexual harassment #AAPsupports

Woman from Ulhasnagar beaten till unconscious to intimidate daughter into withdrawing sexual harassment complaint. Assaulter free, frames family instead.

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