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The Cantonment roads and vested interests in defence lands

Background- Cantonments & Military Stations in India Cantonments derive their name from Swiss Cantons, or districts and were set up by the British in India for entirely different reasons. When the British troops arrived in India, they fell sick very often due to malaria, dysentery and other infectious and waterborne diseases. These diseases also took …

‘Vested Interests Have Stalled Reforms,’ Former Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi Tells NDTV: Full Transcript

Admiral D K Joshi (retd) interview by Nitin Gokhale for NDTV

This interview transcript went missing from the NDTV site without explanation, so here it is. Here is the full transcript of NDTV’s interview with Former Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi. NDTV: What prompted the government to accept your resignation with such haste? Admiral DK Joshi: On the speed of its acceptance I really have no …

79th Air Force Day


Today was the 79th Air Force Day in India. Memories of the Indian Air Force worth keeping safe happened. “ Happy 79th #AirForceDay, to the Indian Air Force! Godspeed, safe flight and terrible fear in the hearts of your enemies. ShivAroor October 7, 2011   “ Want to watch a live webcast of the #IAF‘s 79th …