In a world where you no longer trust media to give you accurate information, voices raising questions important to the common man are getting rarer. It is my effort to continue to provide a counter-narrative to media promoted myths as well as initiating dialogues of relevance to our lives as common people without any access to higher powers to make our interests heard.

Supporting independent media and influencers of views without affiliations that exploit engineered perceptions in masses is crucial. Whether you support this blog or not, you should consider supporting alternative media in anyway you can – whichever publication or website you find useful.

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If you wish to support this endeavor of mine, I would appreciate gifts of money, as I am a housewife with a son with special needs and thus cannot take up jobs and I do wish to continue writing here rather than spending time on making ends meet. In return, all you get is that I continue to write. There will never be any special consideration for contributing payment for the blog, apart from a heart felt appreciation for support. It will not bring any power to influence content on the blog to be specific.

If you would like to help support this blog, you may comment on this post with your correct email and preferred method (paypal, moneybookers, Bank account transfer) and I will reply with the information you will need to do it. If you wish for your comment to not be made public, mention so in the comment, and it will not get published.

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Help others find this place you found value in. If you have a blog, website, email group, whatever. Link, recommend. Share specific articles you find interesting or engage someone in a conversation around one.

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You may purchase advertizing space on the website for banners. Please note that links will be “no follow” and this will not be useful as a link building exercise. Ads will never be able to cover content. Do it if you have a brand and want to be seen sponsoring this site. Do it for general visibility. Comment with your correct email address and we can discuss what kind of space you have in mind. If you wish for your comment to not be made public, say so in the comment, and it will not be published.

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