In a world where you no longer trust media to give you accurate information, voices raising questions important to the common man are getting rarer. It is my effort to continue to provide a counter-narrative to media promoted myths as well as initiating dialogues of relevance to our lives as common people without any access to higher powers to make our interests heard.

Supporting independent media and influencers of views without affiliations that exploit engineered perceptions in masses is crucial. Whether you support this blog or not, you should consider supporting alternative media in anyway you can – whichever publication or website you find useful.

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If you wish to support this endeavor of mine, I would appreciate gifts of money, as I am a stay at home mom with a son with special needs and thus cannot take up jobs and I do wish to continue writing here rather than spending time on making ends meet. In return, all you get is that I continue to write. There will never be any special consideration for contributing payment for the blog, apart from a heart felt appreciation for support. There are no tax exemptions as with donations. There is no special content that will become available after subscribing. It will not bring any power to influence content on the blog, entitle you to recommendations or anything. It is a gift or reward.

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However, if you are a fan of handmade soaps or carnivorous plants, do send me a note and I might send you a surprise depending on what is available to spare at Vidyut’s corner. There can be other things there too. It is a space where I put out the surplus from my domestic geekery. Take a look and tell me if you like something.

What will happen with the money you give me? Well, that’s hard to say. I live a pretty frugal life. If there is money to spare, I usually spend it on whatever larger interest is on my mind at the moment. This can range from buying new carnivorous plants to paying someone to translate important content for the blog. I live something of a gift culture life. Many people have given me gifts because they wanted to and in turn I gift money to people I find in need when I have it. Frankly, the question of surplus hasn’t arisen to the point where I need to figure out what to do with it. If I end up with more money than I need for routine living, I’ll be sure to update this space with specifics.

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I am hoping to make this blog available in more Indian languages and if you are willing to translate articles you like to languages you are able to translate to, it is much appreciated. Do contact to initiate a dialogue.

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Help others find this place you found value in. If you have a blog, website, email group, whatever. Link, recommend. Share specific articles you find interesting or engage someone in a conversation around one.